The following includes articles, links and resources to help you find out more about what we offer and give you some insights into why you or your group should get outside with us!

“Team Building Exercises for Tough Times” Harvard Business Review author, Pat Olsen, writes about the power of team building programs that foster collaborative problem solving and that simulate “real life” scenarios not jungle gym obstacle courses.

“Six Questions to Help You Build Trust on Your Team.” Lt. Colonel Diane Ryan cites her experience serving in Iraq and Afghanistan as showing how building trust both between individuals and within organizations is absolutely critical to teams and organizations.

“After Layoffs, Help Survivors.” How lay-offs negatively affect those left. Use team building to promote creativity and encourage communication between management and employees.

"Executive Development Programs: Outdoor Team Building Training"

"Things to Consider When Considering a Team Building Event: The Six Deadly Sins of Team-Building"

Information about Orienteering
For an in-depth history of the sport of orienteering and its many uses and formats, Wikipedia’s article is worth a LOOK...

Introduction to Orienteering

“Having Fun Getting Lost in the Woods” New York Times article about a more extreme 6-hour Orienteering competition and the feeling of satisfaction the map and compass challenge provides.

“On Your Own. Use Head and Feet for this Hike.” A nice introduction to the sport and its many benefits and the enjoyment and sense of accomplishment it provides.

“Hikers Match Wits on a Woodsy Quest” is about how much fun it is to go orienteering, what you are looking for and how anyone can do it – and at any speed.

Search and Rescue (SAR) is a life saving vocation and an honorable and charitable tradition. The National Assoc. for Search & Rescue Response is dedicated to helping those lost or stranded by developing and providing professional training and certification programs for the search and rescue community.

Sonoma County operates one of the largest SAR training programs and volunteer units in California. Take a look at their site to find out more about SAR and principles we use as the basis for our TeamRescue simulation

Lost on a cold, snowy mountain face or stuck on a ledge? MRA stands for Mountain Rescue Association, one of the country’s oldest and finest all-volunteer mountain and wilderness Search & Rescue associations. The site offers an in-depth look into the principle training aspects and disciplines…

GPS, Geo-Locating & Geocaching:
“GPS Marks the Spot”…Geocaching is like a global treasure hunt.

Wikipedia article covering everything you need to know about GPS including history, basic concepts and more. Wikipedia on gps

Groundspeak’s new Waymarking site provides some unique insights into this great new, high-tech way to discover and learn about an area’s historic and other attractions.

Adventure Racing
Teamwork: an essential element of adventure racing…one author’s experience of what makes an adventure race satisfying and addictive.
Read one athlete's story

The sport rewards teamwork, fitness, a love of the outdoors and a quirky pleasure taken from overcoming--or enduring—adversity.”Read on to learn more about what an adventure race is like.

“No Sleep is Part of the Ordeal” - Adventure racing is as much a mental exercise as a physical one.

The OMM – Original Mountain Marathon is the origin for expedition or adventure racing. Held every year in the UK since 1968, it is a test of navigational skills, mountaineering and endurance and is a model for our overnight Adventure Races.

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